The Best Spy Movies: Reviews For Movie Fans

By February 21, 2015 Movie Reviews

Spy movies have long been a favorite for people due to their action based nature and clever storytelling. There are many out there that have been made in the past, but only very few of them are actually worth watching. If you are interested in a great spy movie, pick one from the list below and put it on your television now. You will definitely enjoy it. So anyway, here are the top 8 spy movies of all time:

Top 7 Spy Movies You need to Watch:

1. Five Fingers by Ludwig Moyszich

James Mason is CICERO, the Nazi spy working as a valet for the British ambassador in wartime Lisbon. Great movie but slow to build up the action.

2. The Breach

The KGB mole inside the FBI, Robert Hanssen, is watched by a subordinate who then resigned from the Bureau and then helped wrote the screenplay.

3. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John le Carré

Richard Burton is the SIS officer attempting to manipulate Claire Bloom and protect the indentity of his mole in East Germany

4. Dr No by Ian Fleming

The first Bond movie introduces Sean Connery as 007 and is reasonably faithful to Ian Fleming’s original plot, written while he was still a Naval Intelligence Division reserve officer.

5. The 39 Steps
by John Buchan

A classic of the genre as Buchan’s hero Richard Hannay tries to uncover a sinister spy-ring. The author headed Ministry of Munition’s intelligence organization during the First World War.

6. Lawrence of Arabia

The wartime role of T.E. Lawrence, a British intelligence officer, Arabist and author of Seven Pillars of Wisdom, played by Peter O’Toole in David Lean’s classic Oscar-winner..

7. 36 Hours
by Alec Waugh

An ingenious Nazi scheme attempts to trick James Garner into revealing the Allied  plans for D-Day written by a wartime SIS officer.

I love all these spy movies listed above for many reasons, but in particular because they are created in a very genius way that is meant for more mature viewers and not a younger audience. 36 hours is a great movie that really challenges your mind and how you follow tactical strategies. I am positive you will enjoy any of these movies. You can check Netflix to see if they are available to stream there and you can get watching immediately! Let me know what you think of these movies if you have seen them and we can have some great discussions about them! Hope you enjoy them.